Couple Hiking with Turkeys – Metal Saw Wall Art Gift for Nature Lovers


This unique metal wall art FEATURING A COUPLE HIKING WITH TURKEYS AND TAKING A PHOTO is a great gift for friend or yourself! The perfect metal saw art gift will look great on your wall! 

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This unique metal wall art FEATURING A COUPLE HIKING AND TAKING PHOTOS OF A TURKEY FAMILY is a great gift for friend or yourself! The perfect metal saw art gift will look great on your wall! 

This item is part of my Contemporary Series which is assembled from new materials and then handcrafted specifically for a great rustic look.  Unlike the ‘Vintage Series’, which is created  from repurposed vintage hand saws, the Contemporary Series uses my original designs and manufactured pieces to create a unique line of saw art.

The average length is 30″ / 76cm inches long and about 6″ / 15cm tall. They can be hung with two nails – one on the handle end, and the other for the hole at the end of the blade. Vertical wall art can be hung using a hook welded to the back of the saw.

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THIS ITEM IS USUALLY IN STOCK – CHECK WITH ME IF YOU NEED IT BY A CERTAIN DATE.  If we have it on hand, it will ship within 2 or 3 days, if back-ordered, it will ship in about 30 days.

The actual piece you receive will be very similar to the images shown.  There will  be some variation in the patina on the steel, and the wood and stain of the handle may vary.  The process I work with allows me to offer a consistent product to my clients.

Some items may have ‘add-on’ options, like a fence available at an extra charge. 

After converting my hand drawn designs to CNC (computer) cut files, a local company in Kansas cuts the blades out of American Steel and the wooden handles are made nearby with a CNC router at a small woodworking shop.  Some pieces will have parts welded on (like fishing poles). I finish each design in-house with crafted elements and patinas on the blades and put the final finish on the handles and assemble them together. This process allows me to make each art piece unique in it’s own way and still offer a more consistent product, while maintaining quality and monitoring production easily …and supporting local businesses. 

I will also be happy to make a custom design as these make wonderful gifts for birthdays and special occasions (retirement, weddings, anniversaries, etc). Email me today and let’s create something great together! 😀

Please be aware that when items are shipped from the United States to a different country, you as the buyer may be subjected to additional tariffs, taxes or duties. This is something I cannot change and I cannot predict these potential costs. All customs forms I fill out will indicate the actual cost and description of the item. International shipping can take longer than expected due to items being held in customs in your country.

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Weight 36 oz
Dimensions 36 × 9 × 3 in