Custom Saws

I make a lot of custom work. I never know what someone will ask for next. But I love the challenge of creating a new design from a client’s story.

Custom saws make great gifts for special celebrations, retirement, corporate rewards and auction fund raisers. With my new Contemporary Series, I can create large quantities of custom artwork for you!

Let’s create something cool together! Prices start at $320 for custom Vintage Series handsaws and the more complex the design, the higher the price.

Custom Round Blade Designs

Check out my custom designs made on round buzzsaw blades!

CUSTOM PRICING: A basic handsaw with a custom silhouette design will run you about $320. If you want something more complex, or with more detail the price will go up based on how much time it will take me. I also make a lot of custom ‘2 man’ saws, and these start at $550. If you look at the images below, you’ll see some “Built 3D” objects like heavy equipment and you can add these ($350 each addition).

Things to think about with a custom design

  • What is your list of key elements for the design? I can usually put 2 or 3 things on a hand saw.
  • Is there a story that you want to tell? Maybe a memory from Grandpa’s Farm or a family fishing trip.
  • Do you have photos that I can use for reference? Is little Johnny a skinny lanky boy or short & stocky? Making the people look more like the people in your story will make that story more personal.
  • What is your budget? There is a base price, then you can add things like names or layers or more detail, etc. In the end, it’s YOUR budget and I try to work within it. I have made custom saws from $250 up to $2500 for a 2 man saw with three, 3D pieces of logging machinery and trees.
  • Is there a date or event that you need it for? Most orders are shipped within 30 days, though that changes at the end of the year when I am in the middle of my Christmas Rush. (I stop guaranteeing custom order deliveries in late Oct. until late Jan.) You can always ask me what my schedule is like, when you are ready to order. I can sometimes shift projects around and there is no rush charge for doing that… If I can make it happen, I will. …and you can’t offer me one to make it happen either 🙂

Contact me today and let’s talk about your story!

Here’s a gallery of past custom work. Also, here is a gallery of custom work from 2021.

Here’s a gallery of some custom Round Buzzsaw Blades – so many options! 😀