Contemporary Series Saw Art

Introducing a New Line of Metal Saw Art from Cindy Chinn, the Saw Lady™

I am branching out to offer a new series of saw art using a mix of modern and traditional techniques to create a new style of hand saw with my popular designs. These pieces in the “Contemporary Series” have blades that are cut from sheet metal using a computer controlled laser, rather than by hand with a plasma torch. I have also designed a custom wood handle using a vintage design to add to the work, which gives these pieces the look and feel of a real hand saw. I wouldn’t try to cut wood with this new series of saws; I’m not sharpening the teeth and I have added artwork to it!

I’ve always said “Having a business model based on a rusty tool is risky!” With the uncertainty of vintage saw availability and the time that it takes to hand cut designs, this new line allows me to get orders out much quicker, while making them more affordable than my “Custom Vintage Series” (old saws cut by hand).

I spent months converting my hand drawn designs to digital files. I found a family owned metal fabricator in Kansas which cuts them out of American Steel using a high-tech laser cutter. The handles are made nearby with a computer controlled router at an artisan woodworking shop. I finish the work in-house with added elements (fishing poles, etc) when needed and then apply a patina to the blades. I put the final touches of sanding and wax or staind on the handles and assemble it all together. This allows me to offer a more consistent product, monitor quality and production, and support local businesses. Another service I can now offer is large quantities for special events, awards and corporate gifts!

Join me on this next step as I continue to grow my business and open up more opportunities for the Saw Lady. I’m looking forward to devoting more time to work on custom orders and unique pieces, while being able to ship standard hand saw metal art orders much faster.

If you have any questions about my new series, please drop me a line!

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Check out this video which shows how my new saws are made!

New Contemporary Series of Saw Art by Cindy Chinn
Digital Art Saw File

This next image shows some basic differences between the two series of saw art: