Introducing my ‘Contemporary Series’ line of Metal Saw Art / Wall Decor!

I love to create- it’s my life. I’ve worked as an artist forever and have done everything from animating video games to painting giant murals. I’ve designed slot machines and sculpted clay. The list goes on! But after all these years of working in so many mediums, I seemed to have found my niche creating metal art. I am an Artist first and a Welder second and my varied background is what makes me different from a lot of other Metal Artists. Having that diverse background and experience allows me create unique designs …and love the challenges of turning old rusty tools into Folk-art. By adding my Contemporary Line of Saw Metal Art, I am using my designs and combining them with new technology, which frees me up to create new, bigger custom works!

Check out the Sandhill Crane I’ve made from Cutlery!

Learn about my new Contemporary Series of Metal Art in this video:

Check out the process for my Vintage Series of Saw Art made from Old, Antique Saws: