Contemporary Series

Introducing a New Line of Metal Art from Cindy Chinn, the Saw Lady

I am branching out to offer a new series of metal art using modern techniques combined with my popular designs. These pieces in the “Contemporary Series” are cut from metal using a computer controlled laser, rather than plasma cut by hand. I am also adding a custom designed wood handle to these to give them a consistent look.

These are not actual saws, but replica pieces, which allow me to get orders out much quicker, while making them more affordable than my “Custom Vintage Series” (old saws cut by hand).

I am having the blades cut locally in Nebraska and the handles made nearby in Kansas. This allows me to monitor quality and production easily, while supporting local businesses. I then add any pieces (fishing poles, etc) by hand to complete the piece.

Each blade will be treated to give a rustic, rusty look and the handles will be stained.

I hope you enjoy this next step as I continue to grow my business. Having the artwork pre-cut will free up my time to work on custom orders and unique pieces and ship orders much faster.

If you have any questions about my new series, please drop me a line!